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This week in Nairobi has been an interesting one and no one can deny that it has everyone excited. At least I am excited. Not only did Carlsberg partner up with the first ever Nairobi Pizza Festival to have a week of gaining the mist calories but we are also proud to announce the OLX SOMA Awards happening this Saturday. Before I get further into it, I would like to congratulate my girl Veon aka #TheVeon for being nominated and getting a chance for me to tell people that “I Know that girl, and I helped style her and her arm candy at the event.” oh and vote for her by texting 21E to 22580 (Kenya only and text charges apply)
So a quick bit on SOMA awards, this year’s theme is Social Media for Economic Empowerment. This is the 3rd installment of the awards being held on Saturday 10th October 2015, and they have never disappointed in regards to the nominees and the whole extravaganza. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend despite wanting to be part of it so bad. (SOMA actually stands for Social Media Awards, for those who didn’t know). For more you can check out their Soma Awards website

This bonus blog post is going out to the Kenyan men and those that will attend the awards, I have love for you my brothers out there. I want us to be able to be represented well and for us to look impeccable and stylish while receiving awards and being the main accessory to the ladies out there.
Being a guy I know that dressing for these awards and events can get hectic but I am here to help the brothers out. Most times we just feel like throwing on our khaki pants, and a black blazer and that shirt we usually wear for weddings and funerals. Or that Kitenge shirt that you got for your 25th birthday, that is cool and not so subtle yet oddly fashionable. It’s about time to change and take charge and be the best accessory you can be. Might even lead to an after party extension.
So there are looks and themes that you can’t go wrong with, but first we need to establish what kind of guy you are. I think there are 5 types of guys out there: The Introverted Extrovert. The Metrosexual. The Babe Pleaser. The Fashionista. And the one whose outfit is picked out for him. Once you establish what kind of guy you are or the one that you feel more close to you can choose what to wear.

The Introverted Extrovert should wear a full suit or a clean cut ensemble, doesn’t have to be that boring black suit, go for a navy blue or a charcoal grey and get a funky shirt to wear under it, not a floral one though. Go for an easy breeze black one, or a clean crisp white one, and if you are daring enough get a shade of the suit colour and pull a monochrome look.  You can accessorize by getting a funky lapel pin and cool cufflinks. Throw in a patterned pair of socks for personality, but remember the hem lines and fit need to be on fleek as they say these days or else you will look a fool.

The Metrosexual is not afraid to play around with prints and can pull most looks off. You can be able to showcase your style sense and fashion personality by what you wear. Stick to your style and if you are an accessory you don’t want to over shine your date. I am feeling that a nice all white outfit can work for such an event and it can be a full white shirt and white dress pants or a white blazer, white shirt and white pants look. I advise that you should break the monochrome with a brown pair of shoes or if you are feeling adventurous a pair of velvet blue loafers can do the trick.

The Babe Pleaser. Bro I am really sorry but I think you would have to sync with your girlfriend. For you I would advise you to do a basic black and use your partner’s colour scheme to break your look. It doesn’t have to be something crazy like the whole fabric, you can get a pocket square or a shirt that is in sync with your partner. I don’t want world war for you or the fashion explosion that was of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake and their Canadian Tuxedo, plus Kimye (Kanye and Kim Kardashian West) have been able to pull some looks off. Someeeeee.

The Fashionista. Yes this is the most exciting time for you, but I will provide the same advice, don’t over shine your girl. But yeah accessories are key and hats are still in. Plus play around with colours and be free to do what it is that you do. I think you can get inspiration from runway looks and styles. Like FAFA or Nairobi Fashion Week or even New York Fashion Week.

The one whose outfit is picked out for him. First of all you need to revolt and make your own fashion decisions and be able to express yourself through your style. Your partner can help you choose and help you find direction but at the end of the day it’s your face that will be in The Friday Pulse pull out magazine or on I think just stick to subtle looks and you will be okay. Throw on a good piece of accessory and you are good to go.

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